9/11 Dissertation Topics That Should Be Avoided: Expert's Advice

There are times when you are needed to avoid topics for dissertation so that is does not lead to a too much of an argumentative debate. You should be careful about what you are choosing to write and how you are executing it. The better you get at choosing your things the more elucidated form of writing you can produce thus it will give you more marks and good extra grades.

If you come up with topics that are having too much of controversies and that have too much of violence in it then you have to face a lot of questions and you won’t be able to come up with all the answers. You just need to have a simple approach so that your entire works becomes easier and it becomes easy to accept from reader’s point of view.

Which topics to avoid?

There are certain things that you are needed to keep in your mind so that whatever you write does not fall under extreme debates and discussion. You have to be accustomed with perfect writing styles along with perfect writing needs so that you can be the best without any dilemma.

  • The first thing to avoid is to pick up a topic with religious sentiments attached with it. It leads to a lot of dilemma amongst people and it might happen that your work gets rejected without any proper notice. There has been incidents like these, so be aware of them.
  • Try not to pick up issues which include intimate governmental debates. This will lead to several questions which will be very tough for you to answer and thus will lead to deduction of marks when you won’t be able to come up with the perfect answers.
  • Try to avoid topics that have problems related to the society. You would be having judges from different panel judging your works. You need to keep in mind every detail so that you don’t deploy yourself in works which will cost you a lot both in your marks and your reputation.

Some 9/11 dissertation topics that should be avoided:

  • What are your ideas about the 9/11 incident being the most controversial conspiracy in the world?
  • Write about the fact that the entire 9/11 theory has been planned by the then president of United States of America?
  • 9/11 has been made to happen to eradicate Iraq from the face of earth. Do you support it?