A Comprehensive Guide To Writing A Graduate Dissertation

A dissertation is a formal piece of work that will mostly be read by your supervisor or professor. Therefore, maintain an academic language. The best form of preparation for your thesis is to thoroughly read all relevant materials and go through a few samples before you can write yours. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to write a thesis:

Start early

Typically, when to start writing your dissertation depends on your project as well as the course duration. For a graduate thesis, the research period is short therefore; your thesis will not have much content. Nonetheless, you need to plan and start writing your paper as soon as possible. Avoid last minute rush.


The first impression that is created by your thesis, is very important. So how do you make your work appealing? Paper organization is the key to everything. Have: a title page, abstract, table of content, background, review, methodology, analysis, discussion, references and appendices. These categories should appear as chapters of a book.

Writing skills

A well formatted paper is not enough without good writing skills. If you are still working on improving these skills, it's best to start with a drafted thesis, and have it revised by your supervisor. Once your supervisor has pointed out any writing mistakes ensure you don't repeat them. Another method is by attending a writing course or reading articles and academic resources.

Set a deadline

High chances are once you are told to write a thesis, a due date will be given. This means that you are expected to compete everything during the stated period. However, you can always set your own deadline. Have an earlier due date than the given one. This will give you enough time to proofread and make any adjustments to your thesis.


Plagiarism is one of the greatest offences that you can commit and have yourself sued. It can really cost you so much. Plagiarism cases will always be noted through a copy scape software therefore, you cannot evade the consequences. Before you embark on writing your thesis, understand how plagiarism works and how you can evade it. When using a reference source all you need is to rephrase the content that you need.

General guidelines

With all the above factors in mind, there are other elements that you need to consider. Be specific about your project and always remember to proofread your work.