How To Improve My Master’s Thesis Introduction: Tips And Tricks

When you write a Master’s thesis, spare it a clear vision. Have you done justice to its judgment and managed a streamlined enquiry on the topic? Have you gone overboard and created a sensational rather than a schematic paper?

Written as an afterthought

Now, this paper is extremely methodical; so much so that the Introduction is generally written after completing other segments. This is because the Introduction subtly spills the beans on other segments. So, you should first get a good vision of what is to succeed it.

Here are the standpoints that can improve your Introduction –

  • A solid literature review – For this, you will need to absorb a complete authority on the topic. You need to assess the strains that affect the topic and then hint at manners to reduce such strains. You need to have a bird’s eye view of the topic so you know the extent of its scope.
  • A pert defense – You need to offer a defense for the choices you have made; in choosing the topic, the layout and the format style. You also need to defend your Methods, Analysis and Conclusion. You need to clarify why you are so blatantly reactive on the topic or why you hold a particular view on the topic when the general perspective is rather different. Your difference should settle the point not leaving any scope for debate.
  • Opening statement – You should utilize an astounding statement in the opening paragraph that you go on to support and strengthen throughout the paper. This becomes the standing motif of your paper. This is a major take-away from the topic if you will.
  • The background – You should give a clear clarification of the libraries you have scoured and the reference materials you have checked. You should be clear about the societies you have gone through and the luminaries you have asked about the topic. You should also be straight about the instructions given by your guide and the time-period you took for the paper. This is for the guidance of future compilers.
  • A second opinion

    Well, these points might seem complicated at first glance, but when you segregate them and take a view of them singly, you will find that each is possible to attain on its own. Yes, you require a certain degree of diligence and painstaking labor. But then, you cannot afford to complete a thesis without investing these traits. The case rests.