Guidelines for writing a thesis paper on vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is something that is being adopted by people all over the world. Due to the unhealthy properties of meat and animal related products and also because of certain beliefs, people are resorting to vegetarianism. For those of you who are studying nutrition or health related subjects will know better about the current trends and reasons. One can see how the trend is being picked up by major eateries around the world that are creating menus suited for vegetarian people. From this vegetarian has stemmed the concept of vegan. Veganism rejects all kinds of products that are produced from animals.

Due to the increasing awareness of the cruelty of animals and establishment of animal rights organizations, animal products are being consciously rejected. If you are writing a thesis on vegetarianism you have a lot of data and material to work with. However, a comprehensive guide would be suitable for first timers.

Getting started

First and foremost is the choice of a topic. You can’t encompass everything of the subject in your thesis so you must choose a specific topic. It can be say, about the changing trends and how people are taking to vegetarianism, or something similar. Before you take up a topic, you must have considerable understanding of it. Take a topic of which you have ample knowledge. If you are completely unaware no amount of research can help.


This is the crucial part of the thesis. You must conduct extensive research in order to have enough material to write a thesis paper. The research should be in depth. Don’t just rely on one sources, you will require multiple sources. Make it a point to double check your information. Also you should have enough data. If you are writing on changing trends, data is quintessential. If you feel your topic needs case study, compile that too.


Put down all the arguments that you would want to include in your thesis. All the arguments should be related to the central topic. The different chapter should connect with each other.

The thesis

Your thesis should have a title page, acknowledgment page, an introduction that explains the topic and basic concepts, all the different chapters, case study if any, a conclusion that will tie up the whole thing and in the end a bibliography. If you are quoting or backing up your statement with data don’t forget to mention the sources.