Where Can I Find Good Dissertation Abstracts On Applied Linguistics?

Writing a dissertation on applied linguistics includes a few stages. Composing an abstract is one of the last steps that you need to take in order to complete the assignment. You should summarize the most important details to reveal the purpose of your work and its importance to the target audience after the paper is ready. This brief piece of writing is designed to make the first impression, so it is a good idea to get an example to follow.

What Help Sources to Check First

Having a good dissertation abstract is very helpful if you do not know how to organize your writing and what wording to use. The following help sources may contain well-composed examples as well as some supportive guidelines on how to complete an abstract for your paper on applied linguistics:

  1. Online archives of scientific publications related to linguistics with some outstanding examples of abstracts and summaries.
  2. Applied linguistics and literature research libraries with collections of full-text dissertations.
  3. Websites of academic writing agencies with sample papers available for non-registered students.
  4. Forums for researchers and graduate students in applied linguistics with sample works and links to useful online resources and how-to manuals.
  5. Blogs of online tutors which offer a possibility to discuss how to write an academic abstract without a hitch.
  6. Collections of your school’s library which include A-level pieces of writing and textbooks with examples and explanation on how to compose a paper on applied linguistics.

You may also talk to your fellow students. They can share their works or tell you where to find good dissertation abstracts on your subject.

How to Select an Example to Follow

The aforementioned help resources contain hundreds of different documents, so you should learn how to select an abstract that you will benefit from. First of all, it is recommended to pick a writing that is formatted in the same style as you are going to use in your assignment. Second, a chosen abstract should be almost the same length that the one that you should compose.

Another important detail to bear in mind is that the right example for you should be written recently so that you could learn something new about your subject by studying it, including the useful terminology and helpful methods and approaches. The last but not least, select a sample abstract with a list of keywords so that you will learn how to format it and what keywords you can use in your assignment.