Good Advice For Those Struggling With A Dissertation Topic

When you are ready to do the work to obtain your PhD, you have a lot of choices to make concerning the process. These choices are very important; as this is the most important document you will write in your academic career. The subject of your paper has to be unique, be a good fit for you, and show your mastery of the subject. This decision can take time and should be carefully considered. Use our advice as you go through this process.

Good Advice for People Struggling with the Dissertation Topic

  • Must be unique-the subject cannot be one that thousands of others have written on in the past. The subject must be unique and magnetic. Sometimes if you take a traditional idea and go at it from a different point of view or direction; that is all it takes to make it unique from others.
  • Must be a Good Fit for You-subjects have different areas. For example, maybe you are going to be a nurse, but the pediatric field interests you the most. If that is the case, then you need to write about something to do with nursing and small children. If you write about the thing you love, you will put more into the paper and consequently do a better job.
  • Show Your Mastery of the Field-even if you are writing about a new innovation or development, you have to consider how that new item relates to the field as a whole. That means you have to show that you know the important history and foundation of your field. You have to prove this knowledge in your writing.

Once you have fulfilled the three things above, then you will need to go see your faculty advisor. He or she needs to decide if he or she likes the topic. This is the expert in the field. You need to listen to the advisor’s opinion.

You will then need to submit for approval of this idea. Different schools have different rules and procedures for this submission. This is also usually a set time frame. If you don’t get your idea submitted, you may not be able to proceed. Once it is submitted, wait until you get an acceptance to begin the work on the project. Once it is accepted, you can begin the work on this important piece.