Picking A Dissertation Title: Helpful Guidelines For Beginners

You do not need to be told twice about how important the dissertation is for your career. Almost from the day you started postgraduate work, you have been told the dissertation is the centerpiece. You may not have had any experience before in writing a dissertation and you need to get a topic. There are some fairly easy guides on how to arrive at that title.

  • Select a General Subject Area. The topic choice is a process of elimination. You start out with an overall subject area within your discipline. This is going to be the first step.
  • Draw up a Short List of Topics. It does not have to be a long drawn out affair. However, be sure it is something you are interested in and that it is not an unfamiliar area. Novelty is important, but if you know nothing about the topic you are going to be spending a lot of time finding out. It is precious minutes taken away from the research and writing.
  • Be sure there is Sufficient Research to Work With. Unless you are willing to go completely original, your dissertation topic should have had at least some earlier research you can draw on. Keep in mind the idea is to advance the knowledge.
  • Ask Your Advisers Opinion of Your List. The objective here actually is to find a topic both you and your advisor have an interest in. This will allow your advisor to be of greater help to you as you work through the process.
  • Seek Outside Help If You Need It. If this is your first time with a dissertation you may need the assistance of a third-party. That is just making a decision which will allow for better time-saving. Experienced services can be of help in isolating the topic. Additionally, you may be able to have other assistance provided. This can include doing the research or even the formatting of the final document. Whether or not you ask for the text to be written is up to you.

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