In Search Of A Well-Written Dissertation Front Page Template

Your title page is the first thing that the members of dissertation committee will see while reviewing your paper. Of course, you want to make a good first impression and involve your audience into reading your paper. To make sure that your front page is written appropriately you may want to have a look at some templates. Consider the following suggestions on where to find a sample of a dissertation title page.

  • Your advisor.
  • The first person you can ask to provide you with a template is your professor. This is the most reliable way to get the reliable example that meets all the demands of your institution and your advisor in particular.

  • Dissertation database.
  • Browse through the electronic database of your library where the previously defended dissertations are stored. You’ll find a lot of papers in your field of specialization. It’s better to choose the one written in your department so you can be sure about the format.

  • Your friends.
  • Ask around to find out whether some of your friends have already formatted their title pages. Probably, they wrote it according to a sample so ask them to share it with you or give you a hint where it can be found.

  • Search engine.
  • Apart from the overall search, there is an option of the image search that will show a collection of title page images. You’ll find the front pages taken from the other people’s works. Anyway, you’ll have to fill in or replace some information.

  • Online templates.
  • Again, use your search engine to get the links to the websites that offer to download the documents. In contrast to the images (as in the above-mentioned case), you get a file that you can easily edit by inserting your information. The advantage is that the formatting is left unchanged.

  • Student manuals.
  • Usually, students are provided with the manuals containing the guidelines on how to organize their research and writing process as well as organize and format their papers. You’ll find there not only the general requirements for formatting but also the examples of already formatted parts.

  • Writing companies.
  • Although the services that the writing companies provide are paid, you can find free templates on their websites. However, if you decide to turn to one of them for help with your title page, make clear how much this service will cost you.

Don’t forget that the format of your title page should follow the style of the rest of your paper.