The Most Effective Geography Dissertation Writing Guide

The graduate dissertation project is likely the most challenging academic task you will face in your academic career. It’s often viewed as the final step before starting your professional career. The Geography dissertation is among the toughest of them all, but this helpful writing guide you should be able to compose a great document worthy of high academic merit:

Develop a long-term and short-term plan:

The first and one of the most important steps in writing a great geography dissertation is developing a long-term and short-term plan early in the semester. This will break down your major tasks and minor tasks into manageable work responsibilities. Leave yourself plenty of room for unexpected delays that might come up throughout the project. These buffer days will come in handy if you fall behind later and need to make adjustments to your overall workplan.

Meet with your advisor often and regularly:

Don’t forget to meet with your advisor through every stage of the project. Most students shy away from this until the last minute when they feel compelled to get any help that is available. You’re better off scheduling to meet with your advisor at least once a week. This way you can make sure your project stays on track and that you are heading in the right direction.

Write your first draft quickly and efficiently:

Even with long projects like this, it’s a good idea to write the first draft as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Try to get as much done in a single sitting then take a short break before returning to write more. Don’t stop to make corrections to anything like grammar, punctuation, or spelling. You will have ample opportunities to do this at a later stage.

Revise, edit and proofread the final draft:

Before submitting your final copy you should thoroughly revise, edit and proofread your work. It might help to get a second pair of eyes to provide you feedback in each of these stages. Another good idea is to leave a few days between each stage so that you can approach the work with a more critical eye, allowing you to make improvements more easily.

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