A Collection Of Interesting Dissertation Ideas On Biophysics

Biophysics is a combination of the subject biology and physics. The subject has been created to test and explore the relationship between the two major branches of science. The most widespread application of biophysics is in human ability and it has already been widely used in space research and the like. There are also some other key areas where research is on. If you have been asked to write a dissertation on the subject, you will do well to gain an elementary understanding of the subject first. There are some really new things which are being discovered. Gaining knowledge about these is only secondary.

But it is of utmost importance that you get to know the topic on which you are deliberating. There are several basic topics that you can cover. There are also some complex ones that need advanced knowledge of the subject.

Which topic should you choose?

It is important to go after a topic that falls within the realm of your knowledge and understanding. You must know that there are no brownie points for trying anything fancy. Just make sure you know about all the chapters that are going to find place in the paper. Here is a collection of interesting topics on biophysics.

Interesting dissertation ideas on biophysics

  • Tourette syndrome: write an investigative paper on the roles of volition and cognition
  • Is it possible for animals to time travel mentally just like the humans do it?
  • Schizophrenia: the way cognitive impairment works its way up in victims of the disease
  • Is it true that evil is innate in almost all forms of life?
  • Depression treatment: cognitive therapy versus psychopharmacology
  • Reflect upon the confection in schizophrenia victims that relates to the deficit of core cognitive values
  • Enhancements of human traits: Discuss the ethical aspects at length
  • Savior siblings and the ethics related to them
  • Early Europe: how was the female seen at the center of medicinal research?
  • The vast scope of ethical arguments in voluntary euthanasia
  • Reflect on the Law, Medicine and Ethics of research pertaining to stem cells
  • Are those who get exposed to malaria infection repeatedly at a greater risk of morbidity?
  • Diabetic nephropathy: Endothelial damage and its roles
  • What are some mechanisms that form the undertones of cocaine addiction and abuse?
  • Nephron deficit: What are some remarkable consequences before and after birth?
  • Social behavior in mammals: from the bedrock mother-infant relationship perspective