A List Of Unique Dissertation Ideas In Sociology

Sociology is one of the most sought after subject in humanities nowadays. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, many schools and colleges have introduced this subject as a part of their curriculum. Not only because of its wide-ranging theories but also for its practical orientation in the field of academics and research.

Sociology is considered as the science of human society. It deals with all kinds of human interactions, actions and reactions within the society and the consequent emotional behaviour. As a result, many students feel attracted towards this subject that thrives on almost all aspects of our social life. Since the subject is vast and dynamic, there is a good amount of possibility in carrying out research in this field. During the final year of the college and the university level, students pursuing sociology are required to carry out a dissertation for their academic requirements.

If you are a student of sociology, you will face bewilderment while you are told to select a topic to carry out your research. In order to be absolutely sure about what theme you are going to choose, you must:

  • Go through your syllabus thoroughly. Find out the topic that interests you the most. Make a note of them.
  • Remember to select more than one. Topics which have a practical orientation must be on your priority.
  • Sit with your supervisor to know what topic he/she will prefer from the list of your choice. Discuss mostly the practical purpose of the study and make a note of them.
  • Search online to gather materials about the topic. Make a draft of them and get them checked by your teacher time by time.
  • Search mostly how the topic can help you make a contribution to the society. Also, seek to know whether there is any possibility to carry on further research on the subject later on.

Now, let us prepare an exhaustive list on what topics you must consider for writing your discourse on Sociology.

  • Social stratification: how much is it relevant to the modern society.
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Eradicating Child Labour and Child Abuse.
  • Act against Domestic Violence.
  • Change in Family Structure and its effect on the modern generation.
  • Globalization and the need for sustainable development.
  • The rise of Social Media and tools and the consequent decrease of privacy of the general people.
  • Cross-cultural studies which include acculturation and adaptation.
  • Terrorism in the name of the religion.
  • Poverty structure in the third world nations.

These are some of the topics, on which you can carry on a dissertation. If you are still not convinced on which theme to go for, you can visit the various online forums to see what the trending topics on Sociology are.