Simple Tips On How To Complete A Dissertation In Psychology

Starting to write your dissertation on psychology, you should be ready to make your way from choosing a topic to publishing the results of your research in journals. Many obstacles are waiting for you. Here are certain recommendations on how to overcome them.

Choose a Topic

By the time you must write a graduation paper, you have got well aware of many burning problems in this field of science. You can choose a topic within this general area of interest. Besides, you also can:

  • Look through empirical papers to find out the tendencies in the studies on psychology.
  • Pay attention to the discussion sections of scientific works which can prompt an idea.
  • Narrow the focus of your investigations to identify the topic and state the preliminary research question.

Write a Literature Review on the Topic and Determine Hypotheses and Research Questions

To do this, you're advised to undertake the following steps:

  • Read articles and books on the topic of your dissertation paying special attention to references. This will help you deepen and broaden the area of research.
  • Select those journals that are relevant to your study and were published during the last five years.
  • Search electronic resources – bibliographies and databases. Use different keywords including those that don't relate to the topic directly.
  • Write the literature review section, which should contain a brief content of the topic, key issues, and the analysis of the literature.
  • Identify hypotheses, research questions, and a rationale. You should manifest the topic's significance and novelty. Base on the most recently published works and seek gaps within issues.

Data Collection

Collecting data for analysis, research, and conclusion requires lots of efforts and time. This is the practical part of your work, and you need:

  • Select the Research Methods.
  • Take into account the probable duration of your work, because some studies are time consuming. Consider the methods that are reliable and require less time. Refer again to the literature. Select the methods that were employed in previous studies and can be applied to solving the problems of your dissertation.

  • Select the Proper Tools.
  • You need reliable and valid instruments. Identify your needs and refer to numerous sites and databases that offer commercial and non-commercial tests.

  • Recruit participants.
  • You can either use existing data or refer to special sites that provide links to online surveys to cover specific groups of population. Try out teaming with other researchers and involve faculty staff with their experience.

Now you're ready to analyze the data, which will constitute the body of your dissertation.