Choosing A Proper Dissertation Format: Writing Tips For Students

You probably know that different disciplines and areas of study determine the kind of formatting that you should use for your dissertation. A lot of the differences are in the way citations are made within a text and in the bibliography, as well as how you should properly create a title page for your work. But there are several other differences that students aren’t aware of and probably don’t even think about until the time comes to write their own project. “How should I order my sections for an American History work?” or “What comes before the methodologies section in my Psychology work?”

Here are a few writing tips for students choosing a proper dissertation format:

Check with your advisor:

The first place to go when deciding how to choose a proper format style is with your academic advisor. This person will be working with you for almost a year. You will meet regularly to discuss everything from your ideas to details about your written content. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how silly they may seem.

Check with the department:

Another great place to get reliable help choosing the right dissertation format is at your department’s office or website. The convenience of visiting the website is that you can usually download a template in which you can simply plug in your text and information. Visiting the main office is also helpful and can lead you to some other great resources you might find helpful.

Get help from other graduates:

Before you even start on your project you will likely have networked and connected with several other graduate students in the years prior. So why not consult a few of them to see what kind of help they can offer as you choose the proper format. They may also be able to provide you with some feedback to help your overall work.

Visit your university library:

Don’t forget that your university library is always available as a valuable resource for just about anything having to do with your academic study. Don’t wait to the last minute to pay a visit and speak with a reference librarian. They should be able to provide you with plenty of samples, research resources, and writing guides. If you go early enough in the process you may even find some content that could be used in your own writing, saving you lots of time in going to find it on your own.