A List Of Effective Dissertation Topics Related To Negotiation Skills

Negotiation plays an integral part in the development of peaceful relationships in many situations, war and employee-employer relationships are some of the more common cases. There are many factors that influence the success of negotiation efforts and specialists spend years training to be able to accomplish the requirements of this interaction.

Despite its commonality, it can be a sensitive process where the simplest mistakes can mean disaster in high profile cases forcing many authority figures to take this process very seriously. The following is a list of effective dissertation topics on the study of negotiation practices:

  1. Negotiation is often thought of as a synonym for compromise and this is true in many cases. Is it possible for all parties involved in this venture to be satisfied with the results?
  2. How common is it the case that one party sacrifices more than the other, in order to facilitate a successful negotiation?
  3. Should it be considered wrong for governments and companies to hire a professional negotiator to increase their chances of being satisfied with the results of the process?
  4. Do smaller countries with less to offer and more to gain, stand a chance at negotiating on the global markets with larger, much wealthier countries?
  5. Do the skills of a negotiator largely affect the outcome of the meeting or are the results dependent on more tangible factors, like available bartering resources?
  6. Given the resources, how would you go about the process of convincing all world governments of the benefits of marijuana and its complete legalization?
  7. What are the most common problems faced by parties involved in a negotiation process?
  8. Experience is one of the best teachers regardless of the task at hand so, is it worth the risk for parties to gamble their priorities on the skills of an inexperienced negotiator for the sake of granting them the opportunity to acquire experience in the field?
  9. How would you handle the situation of the Jews and their claim to Israel if you were given the opportunity to settle this ancient problem?
  10. Should scalpers and individuals, otherwise known as “hustlers”, be investigated to learn from their naturally acquired negotiation skills and methodologies?
  11. How significant is a person’s individual skills at negotiation in the activities of their daily lives, for example, shopping.
  12. Labor unions are famous for holding negotiations with their employers. Does the leaders of these None Governmental Organizations negotiations skills affect the outcome of these engagements?