Basic Instructions For Organizing The Cover Page Of A Dissertation

You may not be aware of this, but some of the most common dissertation mistakes are made right at the start of the document – the cover page. Students have erred with everything from including a number on the first page to missing appropriate capitalization of words. We understand that the cover page often gets overlooked and isn’t really on top of a student’s mind when they are putting together their graduate project, but having mistakes show up right at the start can immediately make a bad impression on the reader. Here are some basic instructions for organizing the cover page of a dissertation correctly:

Place the Title about 1.25 inches from the Top

Your title should be centered about 1.25 inches from the top. You can use the ruler setting along the margin or automatically set it as default space mode for this section only. Don’t settle for an eyeball test, this must be done precisely.

Don’t Capitalize Each WORD of the Title

Unlike the rest of the content on the cover page, the title should be the only text that where the only word capitalized (first letter) is the first word. Remember that when you choose a title it should be no more than a dozen words or so, excluding the subtitle

Don’t Apply Titles or Affiliations after Names

Another mistake that students make often is they add titles and affiliations to faculty members’ names on the cover page. It’s uncertain why students began doing this since its long been seen as a cluttering effect whenever more than two or three names are listed. Just put down each person’s first and last name, in mixed upper and lower caps.

Don’t Forget to Place Your Name in Bold

This kind of formal project does not encourage any type of fancy formatting. The only piece of text that should be bold is your name, in mixed upper and lower caps. Skip the underline, italics, or any other type word art that comes off as inappropriate for this professional academic work.

Correct Copyright Content if Applicable

Copyright rules for dissertations may seem confusing at first but are actually quite simple. Your material is legally copyrighted the moment you write it; however, you can take the next step and add a comment about it on the title page should you be concerned about having to go to court at some point in the future if your work is illegally used or copied.