15 Top Ideas For Dissertation Topics On Primary Education

In every thriving society that values its citizens, education is always among the top priorities. On this note, if you are pursuing a doctorate academic degree on education, you will be required to write a dissertation on education. If your topic is to be based on primary education, you will need to search for relevant and interesting topics to work on. One good thing about writing dissertations is that it creates an avenue for you to make a meaningful contribution towards improvement of education. This is why it is important that you carry out adequate research in order to come up with unique analysis.

If you are still stuck because you have not been able to come up with a topic for your academic paper on primary education, here are some topics that would make great topics for your dissertation on primary education. They are as follows:

  • Childhood Obesity – Understanding its impact on a child’s academic success
  • A critical analysis of the various anti-bullying programs – What works and what doesn’t
  • Extra-curricular activities – An understanding of its significance in the development of elementary school pupils
  • Socio-economic backgrounds of given elementary school pupils – An analysis of how it impacts on their academic abilities
  • Pupils of varied social backgrounds – Successfully creating a comfortable learning environment for all
  • Understanding the role of parents in improving a pupil’s academic capabilities
  • Mentally unstable children – Effective ways of ensuring they achieve significant academic success
  • Standard learning procedures – Should new and unique techniques be introduced?
  • Students of different ethnic backgrounds – A look at what might lead to differences in performances
  • At home reading and studying – Techniques on promoting studying after school hours
  • Social popularity and academic success – Helping pupils stay on the right course
  • The impact of teachers’ behaviours on pupils’ learning abilities
  • Social awkwardness – Helping pupils regain their self esteem
  • Academic success across varying subjects – The impact of self-concept
  • The value of primary education – An understanding from the grassroots

These are some of the topics that would make great titles for any dissertation on primary education. With the various topics, you can carry out a deep analysis whether you wish to write on the best learning techniques or some of the current issues being faced by pupils at school, both in the hands of teachers and fellow pupils. It is very important that you only choose a topic you find very interesting so that you don’t easily get bored in the course of writing same.