15 Outstanding English Dissertation Title Examples for Students

If the topic is chosen correctly, writing an English dissertation can’t become a tedious and boring process. The first step is to decide what century is the most interesting for you. Analyze it, define the influence of that time on the literature, and decide what authors were the most successful. If you don’t want to focus on one writer, start choosing the context of your future dissertation topic. Knowing the sphere of writing, you may compare the works and backgrounds of several writers.

If you still want to focus on one author, find a writer whose works you will find pleasure to read. When making a research, you’ll have to explore different books, essays, interviews, and reviews. This process will be easier and more interesting if you really like the author and his works. Writing a dissertation about your favorite writer will be the best decision, as it allows you to find out information that isn’t open to the public.

There are thousands of outstanding English dissertation topics. It doesn’t matter what century you choose. The best tip is to find the topic that will be interesting for you. The following list is provided in order to help you get inspired and come up with some new ideas:

  1. Characterizing the feminine: is their any difference between northern and southern women?
  2. The forgotten geniuses: the analysis of the influence they have on the society, culture, and literature?
  3. Nationalism and regionalism: in what way can these notions influence the readers?
  4. Analysis of trends: what type of books will become a bestseller?
  5. The realities of war: what century is the most tolerant to war literature?
  6. Contemporary debates: the truthfulness of Marxist interpretations of Harry Potter.
  7. Good vs evil: the nature of gender stereotypes in The Chronicles of Narnia.
  8. The changing roles of societal disgust: analysis of Anti-Semitic characterization on the works of Shakespeare and Dickens.
  9. Clown imagery in Gothic novels: a deep look into the theory of coulrophobia.
  10. Understand the modern text: what basics of literature do you need to see hidden senses?
  11. Into the Wild: the secrets of interesting travel writing.
  12. The notion of intertextuality: is plagiarism a crime or the influence writers have on one another.
  13. Philosophy vs literature: connections, similarities, and differences.
  14. Uncensored: the influence of politics on modern writers.
  15. Can Facebook posts make you a writer: the role of internet in the development of publishing.